Technology These Days!

I was on the bus the other day and got to thinking, if I have children what would it be like for them? They wouldn’t have a childhood like I did. I was looking around and there was children about 13 years old sat behind me with their iPhones and music blasting out and talking and chatting as young teens would – in this day and age. Anyway, I started thinking about the difference in age, I’m 20 years old, I had a perfect childhood and had everything I could ever want. Everything a child my age would want, at that time anyway. Typical 90’s kid, my world was surrounded by Barbie’s, Pokémon, Magic wands, Sooty, pushchairs with Baby Born’s, books read to me most nights, dollhouses, plastic play heels and toy make up, wax crayons and colouring. books but most importantly, my imagination.

It upsets me that If I was to have a child, it wouldn’t grow up with most of the things I had. Innocence of children today is ripped away from them, but not like in the olden days, because they had to go and work in a workhouse or even because they were married off at the age of 14 to try and better their family. It’s due to technology.

It scares me that my child could grow up and not have a clue what a book is, because kindles surround the world today. There’s nothing more special than being sat by the fire with a cup of tea and your favourite book and being able to turn the page manually, break the spine a million times over, and smell the pages of an old book. Its magical moments that we take for granted. I thought for the next ‘date night’ I could go and rent a film and we could get a take-away or something, and then I realised, there’s no such thing as a Blockbuster anymore. Imagine telling your child; ‘’oh there was no such thing as Blu-ray when I was your age, you used to be able to go to a video shop, and rent the latest films and games for most consoles and borrow them for a few days.’’ Children will be like what the hell?! I mean even a video, they’ll be like what the hell is a video?! A cassette player? A VCR? The world is going to be full of 3D television, well probably 4D then… High definition television and media. It upsets me to think that even now, CD’s and DVD’s are on their way out due to the fact that people are able to download things straight from iTunes or just the internet.

I love how far we have come with technology and it fascinates me that every day we are making new inventions and understanding things a lot more. I think technology is an amazing thing to have and its helps people more than we’d have ever thought. Just in the past 30 years we have overcome many things especially medically that one day we couldn’t have even dreamt of. I am very proud of our world and the luxury’s we have in it. I just feel the simplicity of an African tribe or an Amish community is something I really do envy, you can’t want for something you’ve never had or have heard of, right?  


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