A cat always lands on it’s feet.

It really gets to me that people that try so hard and work so hard rarely get what they want, but yet the people that sit around doing nothing all day always get the
opportunities that they don’t really deserve.

I work 40+ hours a week in a job that thankfully I love. I work hard, I go out of my way for people and I really try my best to succeed in everything that I put my mind to.
I’m getting to this crazy age where I’m looking around at people that I went to school or college with and they’re all turning out okay, well better than okay,
landing on their feet. They’re getting really well paid jobs in industries that they don’t really have the qualifications for, nor the experience.

It’s frustrating to go your whole life trying hard and working to the best of your ability to then see the people that you never thought would get anywhere, in sometimes
better jobs and extremely happy. It’s like their progress through life has gone a million steps in front of yours, and it doesn’t matter that you was up all night studying
while they were up all night partying, because they’ve come out on top.

I’m an intelligent girl, and I’m not disputing the fact that some of these people aren’t clever either, what worries me is that people can go around doing absolutely
nothing and get everything they’ve ever dreamt of – well that’s if they’ve shown any aspect of ambition of course, and it all just gets handed to them on a plate.



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